International Criminal Court Bar Association

As Lead UX and in charge of the product it was my task to redesign the ICCBA's online identity. The aim was to increase it's membership, and help in it's development by adding legitimacy to the association. This end-to-end UX project involved planning, research, design and delivery of the site itself. From streamlining their on-boarding and payment system, redefining the look and feel of their branding, and helping them discover and plan for what they wanted to do in the future.

Divento have been selling tickets to cultural events all across Europe for a decade. I was brought in as Lead UX to completely transform the user's interaction with the brand and to help reimagine the business itself. An end-to-end Service Design UX project, I had to research and discover new business directions and revenue streams. Redesign the UI across web and mobile, incorporating a new itinerary planning feature, highlighting the company's existing USPs and planning content reorganisation. I also made b2b and p.o.s marketing materials.

Karisma Kidz

A two week client project, working in a team of four on Karisma Kidz, an app that teaches children emotional intelligence through play. We advised the client that a complete overhaul of their website was needed, to bring it in line with their philosophy and message, all in time for the upcoming launch of their app.

Acting as Team Facilitator, this concept project was to incorporate a new matchmaking feature into's platform allowing event organisers and venue owners to find one another. Planning the project and overseeing the team was a great experience. With only two weeks to complete, fast paced research and analysis, rapid prototyping and testing were key to finding the right solution.


Teska Labs

A one day hackathon in a team of three. We were tasked with designing a landing page to collect the details of potential b2b customers for this award winning online security company based in Prague. The process included stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis, persona creation, a design studio and mash up, and rapid prototyping and usability testing. I'm proud to say our team won the hackathon.














In this two week concept project I was tasked with researching and designing a microsite for Selfridges that would allow users to plan and manage their parties.

Selfridges & Co

From paper prototype to hi-fid wireframe. Working solo with a client I had to research and identify a pain point, then design an app to solve the problem. Carried out over two, one week sprints. The first sprint focused on research and ideation and testing. The second sprint on bringing the sketches to life with visual design and a bit more testing.

Babysitting Angels

Some of my other concept projects...