Rome wasn't built in a day... should have worked more agile!

Due to limitations of the hackathon we had to move quickly and know what research processes to use. Not being able to talk to a selection of users, we primarily focussed on what the stakeholders felt was important as well as evaluating the competitive landscape.

We had two client interviews scheduled with the CEO and Dev Team in which we scripted the best questions to identify the company's USPs. Due to the nature of their business credibility was key. The stakeholders had a very deep technical understanding of their product and described it in that way, but we found that might not be necessary when designing the landing page, and wanted to explain the way the user would want.

Client Interview

In-depth competitor analysis showed us that the 'old' market leaders' sites, like IBM, were very technical and text heavy. However, the 'new school' companies that were taking hold of the market had gone for a much more concise, clean and modern design when presenting themselves online, something we would try to emulate.

Competitor Analysis

By creating a persona we could put ourselves in the end user's shoes. In this instance, we realised the user, having been redirected to our landing page form a very technical document, did not need to be convinced about the technical information and see it all again. They had already been convinced of that and shown in intest enough to have clicked through to the landing page.

Persona Creation

We could see Teska Labs had a great idea - they were voted one of Techstars best Tech Startups in 2015. They had identified a big problem that was not being addressed, with 75% of businesses not protecting their mobile applications. We knew if we could clearly get across what they offered and how easy it was to implement, keeping credibility at the forefront of our design, the product would sell itself. Simplicity and previous well known clients would be important in showing Teska Labs' professionalism.

What we concluded...


Sharpies at the ready! With the research phase over and some pizza eaten, we were ready to start the designing.

We knew we had to keep it simple, focus on the company's USPs, and promote their past prestigious clients. The most important thing was simply to get the user's contact information. So we had to have that as a clear call to action without it putting the user off.

We began with a design studio amongst the team. Three minutes each. As many sketches of the interface as possible. The rougher the sketches the better. All ideas welcomed. Go!

A great way to stumble across ideas and combinations you may never have considered, and a great way of time boxing and speeding up a tricky process.

Design Studio

Having shared and critiqued our sketches from the design studio, we took the best patterns and combined them. This not only cherry picks the best ideas but makes the processes truly collaborative, and stops people becoming to protective of their ideas. Now our page was starting to take shape, but we now had to see it made sense to anyone else.

Mash Up

Testing our original idea, we realised that some of our 'blue sky' ideas were a little too arty and confused people. As designers it is easy to get carried away with our imaginations. The UX process reminds us that usability is key. This quick style of testing, even with just a few tests carried out, yielded lots of useful feedback.

Usability Testing

Teska Labs are a deeply technical company. However their core USPs were very simple to understand. We identified them during our conversations with the client, after some probing beyond the technical jargon... who better to sum up a company's values and key attributes than the CEO himself!

Their USPs

The sole function of our landing page was to gather potential customer's contact information. We also knew that anyone redirected to this page would have already received all the technical data they needed. For this reason we chose to keep our design very simple indeed. Promoting only the core features and making the call to action a priority. This was really just a sales funnel and the less friction to conversion the better.

Complicated. Made Simple



High Fidelity Prototype

Teska Labs are an award winning online security expert, securing business' mobile applications to protect their company's data from cyber-attacks.

The Team

Sam Hooper

Tayo Nwakodo

Ramsey Albazzaz

The Brief

Hackathon: One day. One client in Prague. Three UX designers in London. Some pizza and a b2b landing page to design.

To design a landing page to gather the contact details of potential customers that have been redirected to Teska Labs from one of their partners.

"I love what you guys have done. You've captured my companies main USPs brilliantly. Credibility is key and you have really got that across. I like how you have used icons and the simplicity of your design. I'm impressed this was done in just one day."

- Ales Teska, CEO Teska Labs

The Proposal

To create a page that clearly gets what Teska Labs do, and that reassures the user that they are the people to trust for the job,